Questionnaires and Targeted Follow-Ups

We're piloting our questionnaire engine with a couple of very diverse organisations - it allows them to capture the information they're after, analyse results via a customisable dashboard, then automate individualised reports and follow-ups as required.


We've also been busy after being called in to help create a load of custom Drupal modules for a University project - lots of funky user interface stuff and back-end forms to make it easy to manage the data.

Internet of Things

We've been busy creating a centralised data management system for some cool embedded devices that hang out in bars! They do their job and collect data that will help keep the customer's businesses going, it all comes back to an online system we've built that reports on what's going on.

Medical Data

We've recently been carrying out some upgrades to a medical implant data management system that was first built by our lead developer nearly 15 years ago.

Vehicle Finance

Incodia has been working on an ongoing project with a business partner, delivering a personalised finance website for a leading car brand.  The site takes data feeds from various sources, and presents the options neatly to the end user.  Following the success of this project we've been asked to develop a mobile-specific version.


We're very excited to announce our new partnership with Storm Software Consultancy, sharing resources and expanding our joint capabilities to deliver Agile projects together.


The updates to EDF's REMIT site have gone live, all seems well!  Thanks to Tom at Bazelle and Simon at EDF for managing the process so well.

Marine Conservation Society

Really happy to be working alongside our colleagues at Skylark again on a project for the Marine Conservation Society.


We've been working alongside our partners at Bazelle updating the user experience and back-end management interface for EDF's REMIT website, which we originally coded in 2011. 

Shell SOU

Incodia is very proud to be working with Shell to integrate Cranfield University's driver risk assessment platform into the Shell Open University

BPP Tech

BPP Tech provides engineering services, project management and product development capability to the hydrocarbon and renewable energy markets throughout the world. In recent years they've seen major growth, in order to help them manage the transition we've developed a complex suite of SQL Server report services to help them forecast the future and manage their resources better.


We've recently been working with the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy to get data fed into their SITOS system via web-services so they can embark on a new learner driver assessment programme.  

The AA / Peak Performance

We've just finished migrating the Crystal booking system over to Peak Performance's new headquarters within The AA.  All has gone well and we're looking forward to an ongoing relationship in their new home.

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