Web Application Development

Incodia is a web application development company based in Angmering on the south coast of England.  We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide whatever is needed to meet each client's needs.  Our specialist subjects are: PHP application servers, RESTful API implementation & integration, React & TypeScript front-ends (including custom SharePoint components), SQL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS.
Our creative team will work with you to find a solution that fits your business requirements.
Whatever the size of your organisation we will work closely with you to create an application tailored to suit you.

questionnaire configuration
example reports output
interactive pie chart example
SSRS Reporting


React Native Mobile Apps

We've developed a mobile app for one of our customers that connects to bluetooth LE devices used to monitor environmental parameters in workspaces and vehicles.  Our application retrieves the data captured and sends it back to central servers for analysis.  The app can display charts and diagrams of the data that's been received.

Questionnaire Applications

We've developed a questionnaire application which allows you to capture responses to surveys for any number of purposes.  The application allows complex analytics to be run on the data provided and actions triggered depending on the results.  The system can automatically contact your participants and send out reminders.  Result can be fed back to your own systems via RESTful APIs.


We've been called in to help create a load of custom Drupal modules for a University project - lots of funky user interface stuff and back-end forms to make it easy to manage the data and communicate with the university's library of REST data services.

BPP Tech

BPP Tech provides engineering services, project management and product development capability to the hydrocarbon and renewable energy markets throughout the world. In recent years they've seen major growth, in order to help them manage the transition we've developed a complex suite of SQL Server reporting services to help them forecast the future and manage their resources better.  We've integrated these systems with feeds from Salesforce, and feeds into SharePoint.  We've also created a suite of custom SPFX SharePoint web-part controls and utilities to manage their business data.


We've been working with the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy to get data fed into their SITOS system via web-services so they can embark on a new learner driver assessment programme.  

how can we help?

Our creative team will work with you to find a solution that fits your business.

Whatever the size of your organisation we will work closely with you to create an application designed to suit you.

We realise that one of the most valuable assets any company has is its data. Making sure that data is managed correctly and made accessible to those who need it, in the manner they need it, is at the core of our thinking.

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